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May 30, 2017

Spring Time – Clean Time

Springtime – FINALLY!

It’s the rebirth and renewal that makes us yearn for more time outdoors, taking advantage of the warmer weather.  However, Spring also means Spring Cleaning.  It’s hard to go out and enjoy the weather when the house is a mess!

Clutter relief, organizing, deep cleaning are great tools for putting the house in order.  Spring time is an ideal time when the weather is hit or miss and if we do it now, we will be ready for those fabulous days on the horizon.   But the real goal is less stress. Let’s get the house in shape making it easier to maintain. And those piles of things and stuff? Well, they will not be weighing on our minds!

So what is the plan?  I recommend my Step by Step System and completing it in 7 days.

(Utilize the Calendar)

GATHER supplies (see below for checklist).  To keep things from getting overwhelming I suggest you start with one room at a time

  • DECIDE on a room to do first.  I would start with the room or space that would give you the most relief or feel the best to have completed.  (Do not forget the laundry room or the garage as these are great hubs of unused items!)
  • TACKLE the chosen room or space.

Do this by decluttering first.  Remove unwanted items by storing them in more appropriate places (ie. Kids toys in their bedroom, in a toy chest) or by placing unwanted items in the donation box (ie. clothes that no longer fit).  Put any garbage in garbage bags or recycle bins.  Start with one side and work around the room.  If it is a space like a shelving unit I suggest bottom to top.

Secondly, clean. Dust the items, dust shelving, furniture etc. You would have already placed your cleaning supplies in the room so they would be ready to go.

Thirdly, organize the items in the room by placing them in sorting bins with similar objects.

Fourthly, place the sorted items in the proper storage space.  Make sure your storage bin (or bag, closet, shelf, etc.) is big enough for fit all of the items you’ve grouped together. You may want to list the sizes you require before going out because it will be less stressful then guessing.  Then all that’s left is to place the storage solutions in their rightful places!

Lastly, finish cleaning the room.  Get to those light fixtures, baseboards, vents that have not been cleaned in a while (or maybe years) and clean the flooring.

Time Consuming? Yes, it may be.  But don’t stress, it will get done!   Focus on completing a step until a room/space is complete.  Use my handy dandy Supplies Checklist and check it off as you go:

The Checklist for Spring Cleaning

Clutter Relief

❠ Garbage Bags for garbage and donations that are unbreakable

❠ Boxes and newspapers for donations that are fragile

❠ Boxes or bins for storing (ie. seasonal, holidays, mementos etc.)

❠ Supplies for Organizing

❠ bins for sorting

❠ baskets, storage containers, bins (various sizes) or other storage solutions (i.e. a set of 4 low ball glasses or mason jars which are ideal for paper clips, elastic bands, pens, push pins)

❠ folding table to organize on

Supplies for Deep Cleaning

❠ gloves (maybe dust mask, if needed)

❠ vacuum

❠ mop and pail

❠ glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, baking soda for grime, wood cleaner, floor cleaner

Systematically, work through your rooms and spaces.  Is it worth it?  Definitely! A home with less clutter has less things to put away.  An organized home has a place for everything and items get put away faster.  Deep cleaning your home makes you feel good, especially if you use non-toxic cleaning products.  Step by step, your house will be in order and you’ll be much more stress free and ready for Summer!


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