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June 7, 2017

keeping up with the clutter

Still Keeping Up With The Joneses?

How about keeping up with the clutter instead!

We all have excess stuff: things other people might be able to use, items collecting dust, gifts that have lost even their sentimental value.  Does the state of your house, yard, shed or garage make you a candidate for for one of those hoarder reality shows?

We can hire a professional organizer (such as yours truly) if we don’t have much time or just don’t want to do it.  Or we can employ some tips and tricks to get rid of and keep up with the clutter.

*Keep a box ready in a storage room (ie. laundry room) for unwanted items you wish to donate.  Fill it during the week and donate it on the weekend.

* When deciding whether to donate ask yourself this questions;

-do we use this?

-do we enjoy having this or using this?

-is this functionable?

to help decide if you should keep a specific item.

*Toss broken items immediately.  If the item is sentimental or functional (preferably both) fix it by the weekend.

*Schedule 20 minutes of your family’s time at the end of work/school week and have everyone put everything in its proper place.

*Schedule garage sales (if you like them) after spring and fall cleaning.  If don’t want to have your own you can pay for a vendor table at a community  or church garage sale.

*Sort mail and incoming papers daily. Recycle what is not needed. If a paper requires immediate attention place in a designated spot ie. on the fridge.

*Have two filing systems for short term papers (ie. menus, coupons, sale ads, entertainment and activity vouchers, school/ work notices etc.) preferably having one file storage solution close to where you open mail for short term papers and another larger file cabinet for long term papers (receipts, accounts, medical records, bills etc.)

*Get in the practice and teach family members to clear debris and dishes before leaving a room and place items in their appropriate spots.

*Bringing in something new? Let go of something old.

Deal with clutter by cleaning up, storing or simply removing it will keep your home in great shape.  Then maybe The Joneses will be keeping up with you!


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